Spread the word….get rewarded!

Introducing Elite ELDT’s EASY rewards program!

As a former student, simply refer someone you know to our best-in-class online ELDT courses and you could be eligible for a $20 Giftogram gift card redeemable at over 200 retailers.

Read more below to learn how the program works.

Step 1

Tell people you know about Elite ELDT’s high quality VIDEO courses and outstanding customer service.


Step 2

When someone you know enrolls in one of our online courses, just fill out and submit the rewards form below within 10 days.

Step 3

Within 3 days, we will confirm eligibility before processes your gift card.

Step 4

Be on the lookout for an email from Giftogram.com.  There you will find your $20 Giftogram which can be used electronically as a gift card to over 200 of the most popular retailers!

To check out all the retailers that Giftogram cards are redeemable at, click HERE

To be eligible 

You must be a former student of Elite ELDT (this will be confirmed prior to sending gift card).

Referred student must purchase one of Elite ELDT’s online courses at regular price. 

To be eligible, individual must complete rewards form (below) within 10 days of referred student’s enrollment.

Elite ELDT is not responsible for awarding gift cards if referring party is unreachable at email provided or does not submit referral form within the 10 day time limit.

Only one gift card can be claimed per student enrolled.

If more than two individuals claim to have referred the same student, the first one to do so shall be awarded the gift card.

Gift card reward will be sent to the email* provided on the referral form.  *Elite ELDT is NOT responsible for gift cards that go undelivered due to technical issues.

If rewarded amounts exceed $600 to any individual during the course of a calendar year, that individual will be asked to complete all required tax documents.

Not valid where prohibited by law.


Think you can refer a large amount of students throughout the year?  Call Chad and he will set up an account for you to streamline the process! 706-892-7550

Rewards Form
Please complete within 10 days of enrollment by referred student.
First & Last name