Entry-Level Driver Training Focused on Helping Your Company Reach New Heights

Let Elite ELDT take the stress of CDL driver training off your shoulders and your to do list.  We offer Entry-Level Driver Training solutions for businesses and individuals, designed to equip drivers with the skills they need to be safe and productive.  Not only can our consultants help your business establish a successful driver training program, but our new online CDL training classes allow individuals to satisfy the extensive ELDT theory training requirements quickly and easily from home!Entry-level driver training consultants

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Entry-Level Driver Training Consultants

Online CDL training graduate driving truck.
Train to a higher standard with online CDL training from Elite ELDT!

 Entry-Level Driver Training Consultants & Online CDL Training Available to Help You Train to a Higher Standard!

What we do

Elite ELDT offers consulting & training services, along with online CDL training to companies and individuals seeking a better solution for their commercial driver training needs.  Employing individuals with experience in both teaching and commercial driving, we pride ourselves on being the most professional and educated CDL consultants & trainers in the industry.  All of Elite’s ELDT training offerings meet the FMCSA’s Entry-Level Driver Training requirements. 

Our Primary Objective

Our primary objective is to help your company increase its bottom line through highly effective and efficient CDL driver training.  It’s no secret that incompetent drivers and driver vacancies prevent companies from reaching their full potential. Consider how much more profitable your business would be with more skillful and productive drivers and fewer driver vacancies.  Elite ELDT’s CDL consultants are here to help businesses of any size increase their bottom line through their elite level CDL driver training.



Industries We Serve

 Trucking & Bus Companies

Utilities Companies

Schools & Churches


Best in the Industry

Although we are based in Georgia, we can provide our services anywhere in the country!

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