ELDT Passenger Endorsement Course (optional School Bus Endorsement Course included)                 $130

Just added!  We are happy to bring you this straight forward and time saving ELDT Passenger Endorsement course that meets the FMCSA ELDT regulations for Passenger endorsement theory training.  Unlike our video courses, this course is primarily reading material with pictures, short videos and learning activities.  There is an exam at the end of the course, but if you don’t get an 80% or better the first time, you can take it over.

The pictures below are from the actual course, to give you an idea of what it is like.  This course can be translated into 25 different languages and you can choose to have it read to you.  If you purchase this course, you can take both passenger and school bus training, or just one of the courses…it’s up to you!

PLEASE NOTE: For passenger & school bus ELDT, you must complete BOTH theory AND behind-the-wheel (BTW) training.  All ELDT must be completed within a one year window and prior to taking the CDL skills exam.  NOTE: These online courses only cover the theory training portion of this requirement!  


What kind of jobs can bus drivers get?

Many CDL drivers don’t realize the career options they have as bus drivers.  City and school buses are not the only choices for experienced CDL drivers.

After driving trucks for about 4 years, I decided to give charter bus work a try.  Turns out, I really loved it!  As a charter driver, I got to drive sports teams, tour groups, military troops and school kids on special trips.  We always stay in hotels and sometimes get to do fun things with our groups.  If you like working directly people, charter bus driving might be for you!

Another great bus driving career is with entertainers.  Driving tour buses can be very interesting and financially rewarding!  This job requires you to drive mostly at night and keep the bus and linens clean for your clients.  Driving extra smoothly is the name of the game to keep passengers safe and happy!  You just might be around some famous people now and then as well!