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CDL Training Nashville TN

Nashville Tennessee is home to many trucking companies, but it’s also home to several tour bus companies.  Therefore, CDL training in Nashville TN can have as much to do with training bus drivers as it can truckers.  

Luckily, we train folks to be truck drivers or bus drivers.  Our curriculum and training methods were developed by our founder, Chad Edwards, who has first hand experience as both an OTR trucker and tour bus driver!

It’s also quite common to have a driver from one industry decide to make the change to another.  That’s were we can help!  Elite ELDT provides CDL training in Nashville TN through our Mobile CDL Training service.  Unlike truck driving schools Nashville Tennessee, we bring the training to you!  Save time and money by contracting with Elite ELDT to provide all the required ELDT to your employees on-site on your schedule.


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Save time and money vs. truck driving schools Nashville TN!

Do you have truck drivers that need passenger endorsement ELDT?  Elite ELDT can help!

With Elite ELDT’s Mobile CDL Training service, you DO have another option!

What are your options for CDL Training in Nashville TN?

Now that CDL training is required of all who wish to acquire a CDL, thanks to the ELDT mandate, options seem to be few and far between for some individuals.  The two most common ways to satisfy the ELDT requirements are to attend a truck driving school or technical college.  Unfortunately, those two options are not feasible for some due to their demanding time requirement or excessive cost.

A third option might be to hire on with a trucking company that will send you to CDL school or train you themselves.  This is not a bad option, especially because they often pay you while you train.  The biggest negative to this option is that the student is not guaranteed to pass and get a CDL.  If they do not, they would still be expected to pay back the cost of the training which could range from $7,000 to $10,000.  

Elite ELDT’s Mobile CDL Training service gives you another option for less than half the time and cost of trucking school.  If you own or work for a company that’s willing to contract out your CDL training, our on-site services are guaranteed to provide quality training in the most efficient manner available anywhere!

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