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Looking for ELDT theory training?  Take advantage of these discount prices on the best courses available anywhere!

From The Helpful Trucker…

I often get requests from various businesses and individuals interested in forming an affiliate partnership with me.  However, I am very careful not to align myself with a partner that does not seem to share my purpose of providing helpful advice and guidance to those in the trucking industry.

After I spent a good amount of time looking over the training offered by Elite ELDT and having a long conversation with the owner, I believe they are one of the few great companies that I am happy to share with you!

After previewing a demo of their online training courses, I was convinced that the training and software are far better than others being sold online…even for higher prices.  I am also impressed by the support they offer.  You can call them 7 days a week and speak to an expert in the CDL/ELDT training industry!  They definitely go out of their way to help you anyway they can!

Maurice Bey

The Helpful Trucker

Theodore Welch


Laura Daniel


Easy and Enjoyable

The computer animated videos are fun to watch and make learning easy.  These courses are designed to be watched NOT read.  Everyone who finishes the course is guaranteed to pass!

FMCSA Certified

Elite ELDT is certified by the FMCSA as an online provider for ELDT.  Student training is reported to the federal registry database every evening, so you can go to the DMV the very next day!

Support when you need it

Whether you have a question about CDL training or about your particular course, just give Elite ELDT a call.  They provide a phone number and take calls 7 days a week.  Their desire to help each student is what makes them stand out in this industry!

Check out the courses available below.  These discounted prices are not available anywhere else, so be sure to purchase your course using The Helpful Trucker’s link to this page!**

Please note that ELDT training (except for HM endorsement*) requires both theory training AND behind the wheel training.  Behind the wheel training cannot be done online.  If you are not sure what training you need, please give Elite ELDT a call before purchasing a training course.  *Hazmat ELDT does NOT require behind the wheel training and can be completed with just the online course.

The “Buy Now” buttons below will bring you over to PayPal to complete the purchase.  You can use a PayPal account OR check out as a guest and use a credit or debit card.  After making the purchase, you will be sent to the enrollment form.  Just complete and submit it….that’s it!  You will then get your login info emailed to you soon after.

**I may receive a commission from the purchase of courses using the links below.

Class A ELDT Theory Online Course (reg. $179)                                                                                $161.10

This course is for those that wish to train for a Class A CDL. (approx. 14 hrs)

Class B ELDT Theory Online Course (reg. $169)                                                                               $152.10

This course is for those that wish to train for a Class B CDL. (approx. 13.5 hrs)

Class B to A Upgrade ELDT Theory Online Course (reg. $159)                                                         $143.10

This course is for those that already have a Class B CDL and seek to train for a Class A CDL. (approx. 8hrs)

Hazmat Endorsement ELDT Theory Online Course (reg. $119)                                                         $107.10

This course is for those that want to add a hazmat endorsement to their CDL. (approx. 4 hrs)