Quick, Easy & Cheap?

I understand that we all want things to be as quick, easy and cheap as possible.  However, when it comes to training for a new career, quick, easy and cheap should not be the main goal.  Just as becoming a true craftsman takes years of experience and all the right tools, good truck drivers cannot be made quickly, easily or cheaply.  I’ve heard it argued that you wouldn’t want to use a doctor that didn’t have good training, so why is it any different with truck driving.

I’ve seen how confidence plays a big role in the life of a truck driver trainee.  Some people don’t have any confidence and are debilitated by that.  They just end up dropping out of driver training or spending several weeks on the backing range and never getting the maneuvers down.  

Other individuals have too much confidence.  These are the folks that think they are ready for the CDL road test after just one road drive!  All of us experienced drivers know that it takes lots of time in the driver’s seat to be a safe driver and capable of anything the road throws your way.  

In the end, I think it boils down to this…YOU are worth the best!  When you train for a new career and success is your goal, then you should get the best training you can.  That is usually not in the form of quick, easy and cheap.  At Elite ELDT, we do claim that our courses are easy, however that is due to the way material is presented.  Our courses cover all the required topic areas using video format which makes learning easier and more memorable.  Quick and cheap are not always possible when you get training that is high quality, covers all the topics and is easy enough that all students can pass the course.

Remember, YOU are worth the best, YOU deserve the best, and to be successful in your new career, YOU need the best!

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