Hazmat Endorsement Training –                ELDT Online Course                       $119

This training course is required in all states for individuals adding a Hazmat endorsement to their CDL! 

Since February 7, 2022, hundreds of CDL drivers have already trusted Elite ELDT to provide them with high quality hazmat endorsement training.  Now it’s your turn!  Elite ELDT is proud to offer this training as a fast and easy way to meet the new ELDT requirements and get your Hazmat endorsement!  Created using modern computer animation, we think you will find this course to not only be educational, but also engaging and entertaining!  Our course is presented in video format, so you don’t have to read screen after screen of nothing but words like you do with courses from other websites.

Dare to compare!  Many other providers don’t even show a preview of their course because they are embarrassed you will see how BORING it is. Check out our course preview and we think you will agree our courses are worth paying a little more for!

Throughout each training module, several multiple choice questions will be presented that must be answered correctly in order to progress.  If the question is answered incorrectly, the student will automatically be taken back through the previous section of the course module.  This delivery method allows the student to demonstrate the necessary level of mastery upon completion of the course without the need to take a final exam.  This online CDL Hazmat endorsement class takes approx. 3 hours to complete.  Students can start and stop the training at any time and return where they left off whenever they choose.

**Prices based on quantity of courses purchased together: (1-9 $119ea. / 10-24 $114ea. / 25-49 $109ea. / 50-99 $104ea. / 100-199 $99ea. / 200 and up $94ea.)

CDL Hazmat Endorsement Required TruckCDL Hazmat Endorsement Required Truck


Actual Google Reviews

“Good training! Was very convenient to be able to log on anytime and return with all progress saved, I had an issue initially logging on, sent an email and received a prompt response and the issue was resolved quickly, I am leary of internet scams but this is the real deal, completely satisfied with the experience and I will definitely recommend ELITE ELDT!!”



“The training materials are highly informative, very relevant to what is needed to learn and compact. Make sure to dedicate time and pay attention because you will have to go through the videos again should you get the questions wrong. Otherwise, it is definitely worth what you paid for.”


Donna Walsh

“What a great experience using Elite ELDT!
Chad personally answers the phone and has all the answers, follows up with emails, etc. Our employees had zero complaints about the program. We loved the fact it was so straightforward and each step was as explained on website or by email. Best of all, ELITE ELDT submits your completion certificate for you so it made the process effortless. Absolutely no surprises with this company. Thanks Chad.”


Ivy Sullivan

This online training course meets the FMCSA Entry-Level Driver Training regulations for all CDL drivers seeking a hazmat endorsement on or after February 7, 2022.  Hazmat applicants are REQUIRED to complete this training prior to taking the Hazmat written test.  Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate that includes all the information required by the FMCSA to verify successful course completion.  Also, Elite ELDT (as a certified training provider) will record your passing score, within two business days, in the Training Provider Registry.  Your state driver’s licensing agency will have to access and verify this information in the registry BEFORE you can take the CDL Hazmat test. (aka HM Endorsement written exam)

This hazardous materials curriculum applies to driver-trainees who intend to operate a CMV used in the transport of hazardous materials (HM) as defined in 49 CFR 383.5.  As stated in the FMCSRs, Hazmat theory training covers material under the following topics: Basic Introductory HM Requirements, Operational HM Requirements, Reporting HM Crashes and Release, Tunnels and Railroad (RR)-Highway Grade Crossing Requirements, Loading and Unloading HM, HM on Passenger Vehicles, Bulk Packages, Operating Emergency Equipment, Emergency Response Procedures, Engine(Fueling), Tire Check, Routes and Route Planning, and Hazardous Materials Safety Permits.

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