Hazmat ELDT Training

What hazmat ELDT training course utilizes computer animations to teach proper techniques, skills and procedures?  Ours does!  Students DO NOT have read through pages and pages of wording with our course….just relax, watch & learn! 

Throughout each training module, multiple choice questions and learning exercises will be presented to the student. These must be answered correctly in order to progress through the course.  If the question is answered incorrectly, the student will be taken back through the previous section of the course then presented with the same question again.  This delivery method allows students to pass our hazmat ELDT course WITHOUT the need to take a final exam.

Unlike our other online ELDT courses, this hazmat ELDT training does NOT require any behind-the-wheel training!  This hazmat ELDT course and a background check are all you need to get a hazmat endorsement on CDL!


Due to the increased danger involved in hauling hazardous materials, YOU CAN MAKE MORE MONEY with a hazmat endorsement!

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Rear of a tanker trailer with several placards on it.

Hazmat ELDT Course                               $119

This course applies to driver-trainees who intend to operate a CMV used in the transport of hazardous materials (HM) as defined in 49 CFR 383.5.  As stated in the FMCSRs, Hazmat theory training covers material under the following topics: Basic Introductory HM Requirements, Operational HM Requirements, Reporting HM Crashes and Release, Tunnels and Railroad (RR)-Highway Grade Crossing Requirements, Loading and Unloading HM, HM on Passenger Vehicles, Bulk Packages, Operating Emergency Equipment, Emergency Response Procedures, Engine(Fueling), Tire Check, Routes and Route Planning, and Hazardous Materials Safety Permits.