Entry-Level Driver Training Student in front of blue truckEntry-Level Driver Training student driving bus.

How Can Company Provided Entry-Level Driver Training Increase Profitability?

Hiring Student Drivers is Risky Business.

Finding safe and qualified commercial drivers is one of the biggest challenges companies face every day.  Many companies hire inexperienced or “student” drivers as a way to fill their driver positions.  Although this practice can occasionally yield good results, it is often very risky.  Student drivers are not always a good solution.  In addition to having little or no real world driving experience, these individuals might also have:

  • received his/her CDL months or even years ago and haven’t driven a CMV since
  • trained in a CMV different from those operated by your company
  • forgotten or haven’t yet formed a solid foundation of basic skills
  • formed bad habits that will need to be broken so new habits can be formed

In addition, these inexperienced CDL drivers will need extensive post-CDL training in order to develop into the safe and productive driver employees your company needs. 

At Elite ELDT, we consider solving this conundrum to be our specialty.  Let us help your company fill its driver vacancies by providing an Entry-Level Driver Training compliant CDL training program* specific to your company’s needs.  No longer will driver vacancies and expensive driver mishaps keep you awake at night and keep your profits from reaching their full potential.  Instead of spending time and resources retraining student drivers, we believe those same resources are better utilized training drivers properly from the ground up. 

Although providing an Entry-Level Driver Training program may seem like a costly venture, over time, it is far less than revenue lost due to driver vacancies, inefficiency, preventable mechanical failures and accidents.  Whether your company chooses to train employees who have been serving in other capacities or new hires, brought onboard strictly to become CDL drivers, Elite ELDT can provide them with the training they need to become the drivers your company has always dreamed of.  Just think how much better you’ll sleep at night without gambling on the typical student driver!

Contact us today to find out more about how an entry-level driver training program can benefit your company!

*The FMCSA created new training regulations commonly referred to as Entry-Level Driver Training. The primary goal of this effort, is to make roadways safer for all motorists by ensuring all new CDL drivers acquire a higher level of training than previously required.



Through decreased driver vacancies and costs associated with hiring inexperienced CDL drivers, Elite ELDT guarantees your company will profit from providing Entry-Level Driver Training.

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