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Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a knowledgable and professional commercial driver!  This is definitely not a job to take lightly!  CDL drivers have a lot of responsibility, and all other roadway users rely on them being highly skilled and capable of making safe decisions.  Even if you are taking our course simply because your employer required you to, please take this oportunity to learn as much as you can.  Once you get out on the road in a commercial vehicle, you will be glad you did!  If you don’t understand something taught, watch the segement again or email us!  We are here to help you become the best commercial driver possible!


When you enroll in our CDL training online courses, you become a student of Elite ELDT.  As a student of Elite ELDT, you will receive a course administrator that you can email with any questions, whether they are concerning the course functionality, or material contained in the course.  All courses are self-guided, meaning you progress through the course at your own pace.  Each course has questions contained within that you must answer correctly in order to progress through the course.  You can start, stop and restart the course and course modules at any time.  Once you complete all the modules in your course, we will send you a certificate of completion via email.  Be sure you save and/or print this certificate so you can present it to your employer, future employers and/or the DMV/Driver Licensing Agency in your state when you register to take your CDL skills exam.  Note: Since compliance with FMCSA’s post-February 7, 2020 regulations has been post-poned until February 7, 2022, state driver’s license agencies (SDLAs) will not ask to see your certificate until the compliance date.  Additionally, once their data system is in place for us to upload your certificate to your state SDLA, we will automatically do that when you complete the course.

Step 1

Decide which course is appropriate for the type of CDL you wish to attain.  Then complete the Student Enrollment Form and purchase the course using the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of the enrollment page.

Step 2

You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.  Reply to that email with the info requested. 

Step 3

We will then enroll you in the course and email your login information to you.  Once you receive your login info, you can begin right away!

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