Elite ELDT takes the threat posed by COVID-19 very seriously.  In order to maintain the safest possible conditions for our clients, their employees and our instructors, we follow safety measures recommended by the State of Georgia and the CDC.

Our safety guidelines include measures to prevent and/or limit the exposure and therefore the spread of COVID-19 through practices such as limited class sizes, utilization of PPE by students and instructors, sanitizing and disinfecting high traffic areas and more.  For more details on Elite ELDT’s safety plan, simply submit a contact form through our website.

Thank you for your interest and your concern for the health and safety of all!

CDL Consultants – Covid Proceedures

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“Thanks to Chad and the way he teaches, I was able to obtain my CDL.  His teaching methods make it so easy to memorize the material.  I still remember everything I was taught a year ago…..a wonderful teacher and a wonderful experience!”

Josh G.